"Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sing-, Tanz- und Spielkreise in Baden-Württemberg e.V."

The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sing-, Tanz- und Spielkreise in Baden-Württemberg e.V." (AG) is a Federal Association, existing since 1952, for groups and individuals, who are engaged in folk-culture and folk-customs. The Federal Association is open to all generations and therefore there is a chance to do things collectively throughout the whole life according to the tasks of the association. The association imparts knowledge of old and new cultural assets. In the range between new and old, everybody can lay its own emphasis in one or more of the folk cultural areas. We take care of folk cultural traditions of the entire German culture area, with the focus on the Federal Country of Baden-Württemberg. We do not only preserve these tasks, we try to develop them further carefully. With meetings and cultural exchanges we would like to obtain knowledge of the culture from other nations. Through these events, we would like to make a contribution to the international understanding.

Below you will find some detailed tasks of the AG:

  • advancement and expansion of German folk-dance
  • preservation of folk-song
  • preservation and support of folk-music and folk-dance music
  • stimulation to wear traditional costume
  • revival of flag swinging
  • stimulation of folklore workmanship and folklore creation
  • introduction of the above mentioned tasks to children and youth
  • to form and to take care of contacts between people and groups with the same tasks

    The AG offers different groundwork such as:

  • experts and consultants, in honorary assistant for the association, who try to consult not only the members of the AG but also other interested individuals, associations and clubs and aim at good co-operation.
  • handouts
  • regularly events
  • press and other information materials

    If you would like to know more about the AG, please do not hesitate to contact the designer of these pages Klaus Fink or try to get in touch with our expert for foreign affairs Hans-Jörg Brenner.

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